Les Miserables: Book vs. Movie

I finally went to see Les Miserables, the movie. I had previously seen the play and quite enjoyed it. I felt the same about the movie. However, immediately after coming out of the movie theater, I knew that I was going to have to read the book, which I do every few years as it is one of my favorites.
As soon as I started reading the book (unabridged), I realized just how much the movie had to cut to fit within the timeframe of a movie. At the same time, I was impressed with how well the movie caught the emotion of the book.
I definitely like the book better, but I still love the movie and realize that it is probably unfair to compare the two. You just have to enjoy them in entirely different ways. Sometimes that is difficult (think Count of Monte Cristo–I really hated the movie). But in the case of Les Miserables, I love them both and am sure that I will see the movie again.

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One Response to Les Miserables: Book vs. Movie

  1. Hamlette says:

    There’s only one movie version of “The Count of Monte Cristo” that I like at all — and I like it so much, we own a copy. (Have I mentioned this before?) It stars Richard Chamberlain and Tony Curtis, made in 1975. Really adheres well to the book, as well as something short like a movie can.