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The Outsiders

Title: The Outsiders
Author: S. E. Hinton
Year First Published: 2006
Page Count: 0
Synopsis: A heroic story of friendship and belonging.

Ponyboy can count on his brothers. And on his friends. But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up “greasers” like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect–until the night someone takes things too far.

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
Characterization Plot Overall Rating

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
The word h**l is used twice. There are fights, deaths, and a fire. Nothing other than thinking girls are attractive.
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
Some of the most believable juvenile delinquents I've read or seen. These are people, not stereotypes. There's a reason it's on all those reading lists.
This book grabbed me as a teen and wouldn't let go until I'd read it through twice. The characters and events feel so real, so possible, that even now, I sometimes forget it's fiction.



Focus Coming of Age Readability Easy
Focus Friends Setting North America
Main Character Teen Setting Earth Based
Main Character Male Time Period 1900's
Main Character Young Adult Time Period Contemporary
Number of pages 200 or less Type Young Adult

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