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The Last Dragonlord (Earthlight)

Title: The Last Dragonlord (Earthlight)
Author: Joanne Bertin
Year First Published: 1999
Page Count: 400
Synopsis: Sweeping readers along at a breakneck speed with breathtaking imagery and effortlessly readable prose, Ms. Bertin has created a thrilling new mythos, fresh in conception and filled with the joy of discovery, scope and enchanting to read, with characters who will instantly steal readers' hearts. The Last Dragonlord is destined to become a sensation among fantasy readers.As never before, we are present in the society of were-dragons. Linden, the eponymous hero and youngest of the Dragonlords, is an extraordinary magical creature who can shapechange from human to dragon and back again. Tragically, among the Dragonlords he is the only one of his kind never to have found his soulmate.Now the Queen of one of the Dragonlords' subject realms has drowned under suspicious circumstances, and two aspiring regents vie for control of the vacant throne. But a secret society, headed by a sinister mage, has their own dark plans, and a beautiful young sea captain who becomes romantically involved with Linden may fall victim to their fiendish plot. When Linden finds himself trapped by their deadly magic, he realizes that he might end up being the last dragonlord; ever.No simple plot summary can convey the power of this exciting debut, which evokes visions of such masters as Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, and Melanie Rawn.

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
almost no cussing just enough detail to let you know what is happening nearly no details. just implied what happened.
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
love the characters very well written. good story line. easy to follow LOVE IT WILL READ IT AGAIN.
read The Dragon and The Pheonix next and look for The Bards Oath to come out one day in the future

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