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ValueTale 41

Title: ValueTale 41 Volume Set (ValueTales ~ Value Tales Multiple Book Set, 41 of 43)
Author: Spencer Johnson
Year First Published: 1979
Page Count: 0
Synopsis: ValueTales are written in fairy tale language and are based on true events in the lives of real men/women from various countries and different historical times, illustrating how timeless values can help anyone living in any culture. They present real-life role models in a fun way that encourage children to choose the timeless values they want for themselves, and to discover how they can be happier and more successful too - just like the stories' heroes and heroines from history. ... Younger children, who are just beginning to form their values, enjoy having the books read to them. Older children who are choosing their own values, like to read the tales on their own. 1. Addams, Jane - Friendship 2. Anderson, Hans Christian - Fantasy 3. Appleseed, Johnny - Love 4. Beethoven - Giving 5. Bell, Alexander Graham - Discipline 6. Bly, Nellie - Fairness 7. Bunche, Ralph - Responsibility 8. Cochise - Truth and Trust 9. Columbus, Christopher - Curiosity 10. Confucius - Honesty 11. Cook, Captain - Boldness 12. Curie, Marie - Learning 13. Dickens, Charles - Imagination 14. Edison, Thomas - Creativity 15. Fox, Terry - Facing a Challenge 16. Franklin, Benjamin - Saving 17. Fry, Elizabeth - Kindness 18. Jefferson, Thomas - Foresight 19. Keller, Helen - Determination 20. Lincoln, Abraham - Respect 21. Mayo Brothers - Sharing 22. Mead, Margaret - Understanding 23. Pasteur, Louis - Believing in Yourself 24. Robinson, Jackie - Courage 25. Rogers, Will - Humor 26. Roosevelt, Eleanor - Caring 27. Sacagawea - Adventure 28. Schweitzer, Albert - Dedication 29. Tubman, Harriet - Helping 30. Wright Brothers - Patience HTF: 31. Churchill, Winston - Leadership 32. Leger, Paul - Charity 33. Nightingale, Florence - Compassion Scarce: 34. Ashe, Arthur - Dignity 35. Ball, Lucille - Laughter 36. Chavez, Cesar - Conviction 37. Henson, Jim - Imagination 38. Landon, Michael - Positive Attitude 39. Mother Teresa - Humility Rare: 40. Rudolph, Wilma - Overcoming Adversity 41. Richard, Maurice - Tenancity

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