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The Teeth Of The Tiger (Jack Ryan)

Title: The Teeth Of The Tiger (Jack Ryan)
Author: Tom Clancy
Year First Published: 2004
Page Count: 496
Synopsis: The old rules no longer apply - anybody with a spare AK47 or a knowledge of kitchen chemistry can become a player. In a nondescript office building in suburban Maryland, 'The Campus', set up with the knowledge of President John Patrick Ryan identifies and locates terrorist threats - then deals with them, in whatever manner is necessary. It's an organisation always on the lookout for new recruits - men like Jack Ryan Jr, the President's son. Filled with the exceptional realism and cutting-edge authenticity that are his hallmarks, this is Clancy at his best - and there is none better.

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
Lots of F words and other profanity Shooting, stabbing terrorists with needles, etc Terrorists with prostitutes, description of nudity
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
The characters are not very relatable. Very predictable, unsatisfying ending. A disappointment for Tom Clancy
This may be Tom Clancy's weakest work. The characters are bland and not relatalbe and there is too much profanity. The plot is too predictable. The ending leaves much to be desired and does not wrap up the story at all. Sexual content was an annoyance that derailed the story. As a reader, I don't care if Terrorist C is sleeping with prostitutes. As far as Tom Clancy novels go, this one was a disappointment.



Focus Political Quest Setting North America
Focus Military/War Setting Earth Based
Main Character Male Time Period Contemporary
Number of pages 400-500 Time Period Near Term
Readability Moderate Type Suspense

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