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Plot Elements
Main Character
Animal Child Male Female
Teen Mid-life Adult Senior
Group Police Private Investigator Religious Figure
Academic/Professional Royalty Commoner Layman
Amateur Magical Abilities Young Adult
Time Period
Historical Contemporary Futuristic Time Travel
Near Term Far Term Past Medieval
Viking Georgian Regency Victorian
Before 1700 1700's 1800's 1900's
Revolutionary War Civil War World War I World War II
Europe North America Asia Africa
Parallel Universe Earth Based Non-Earth Based Western
South America Small Town Tropical Island Animals
Australia Antarctica
Political/Espionage Technothriller Science Medical
Legal/Crime Psychological/Horror Natural Disaster/End of World Other
Survival Exploration Epic Journey Personal Quest
Political Quest Military/War Seafaring Technology
Biology Physics/Astronomy Robots Human form Alien Races
Non-Human form Alien Races Enhanced Human Body Witches/Sorcerers Dragons
Vampires Mythical Creatures Magical Objects Paranormal
Coming of Age Male/Female Husband/Wife Parent/Child
Friends Pets/Dog Pets/Cat Pets/Horse
Pets/Other Animal Sports/Baseball Treasure
Murder White Collar Crime Conspiracy Archeology
School True Mates
Easy Moderate Difficult
Number of pages
200 or less 200-300 300-400 400-500
500-600 Over 700 600-700
Young Adult Suspense Humor Happy Ending
Traditional Historical Fiction Historical Fiction Elements Alternate History Historic Event
Historic Figure Faith Promoting Self Discovery Non-Fiction
Faith exploring
General Christian Catholic Protestant Jewish
Latter-Day Saint Other Religion General New Age
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Characterization Plot Overall Rating
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