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Note: Although books are often categorized in various ways, for ease in searching we have adopted the following definitions.
Many books may fit into more than one category.

Mystery/Suspense A mystery/suspense begins with an event, typically a crime, which is only partially understood. The missing pieces are revealed during the course of the book, often through the intellect or ingenuity of the hero/heroine. The outcome affects people locally, hence, the involvement of local law enforcement, etc.
Thrillers As the name suggests, thrill is the key to this category. There may be elements of mystery, but for the most part, the event is understood. However, the hero is attempting to stop some villain, avoid some event or reduce the events' harmful impact. Thrillers are typically faster paced than mysteries, and the outcome often affects people on a larger scale, hence, the involvement of government agencies, etc.
Adventure Adventure books describe exciting events or journeys. The adventure is typically more important than the characters. Suspense is incidental to the adventure rather than the primary focus. These books are based primarily in reality, without elements of fantasy.
Classic Literature A classic is any book that is generally known, either because it has stood the test of time, and therefore generally still published, or because it has had some significant impact on a past or present society or group.
Science Fiction Science fiction presents stories based in scientific principles or pseudo scientific ideas. Typically set in the future, these books explore scientifically based possibilities.
Fantasy Fantasy uses magic or the supernatural as its primary focus. Fantasy, unlike Science Fiction, need not be based in science or reality.
Romance Romance novels focus on relationships, particularly romantic love between two people. The hallmark of romance works are their foundation in emotion and their happy endings. This is, without a happy ending it is categorized as Slice of Life.
Slice of Life Slice of Life books are descriptive and biographical. They may involve drama or humor and are typically slower paced. These books showcase typical life experiences and may have satisfying or unsatisfying endings.
Historical Fiction These books involve real historical events or historical persons but embellish the history by adding fictitious characters or events.
Religious Fiction Religious Fiction cuts across most other categories but has its primary focus on a religious character or event and is often faith promoting.