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Before Dawn

Title: Before Dawn
Author: Alisa M. Dowdy
Year First Published: 2011
Page Count: 146
Synopsis: Spring, Brian and Beans came to know one another as children. Their innocents protected their relationship until the adult mind tarnished it with lust, lies, and betrayal.

Spring Dixon wanted to put her past behind her and progress with some normalcy. With her grandfather s influence all she needed was reassurance.

Uncaring to control his sexual addiction, Brian Hobbs wasn t interested in emotional relationships but yet he married Spring. The only emotion he desired was sex by any means necessary.

Chevette Beans McClair cares about her best friend and would do anything for her; including birthing her child. When Beans found herself in a love triangle with her friend at the top, she tried to redeem herself by mending an unbuildable bridge.

Jay Vaughn McCannon is hitting the peak of his career. Fame and fortune was no constellation for his desire to avoid his parent s mistakes. His potential fiancee' is putting the brakes on their relationship making it difficult for him to commit. Despite her spoiled demeanor, he is determined to work it out.

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
Very little profanity used. suggestion of violence, very little description. suggestion of sexual intercourse but not detailed.
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
The story was an easy read and the author brought the characters to life by simulating real life situlations. It was a slow start but in the end the story was very powerful. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking inspirational motivation.


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