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The Robots of Dawn

Title: The Robots of Dawn
Author: Isaac Asimov
Year First Published: 1983
Page Count: 448
Synopsis: A puzzling case of roboticide sends New York Detective Elijah Baley on an intense search for a murderer. Armed with his own instincts, his quirky logic, and the immutable Three Laws of Robotics, Baley is determined to solve the case. But can anything prepare a simple Earthman for the psychological complexities of a world where a beautiful woman can easily have fallen in love with an all-too-human robot...?


Profanity Violence Sexual Content
Although there is nothing explicit, human sexuality is repeatedly discussed in the context of the futuristic culture
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
This is one of my favorite Asimov novels. It is a classic Asimov Mystery with plenty of misdirection. But the final reveal is truly mind-boggling as he ties in the story lines of not just one, but several of his classic sci-fi series.


Focus Robots Readability Moderate
Main Character Police Setting Non-Earth Based
Number of pages 300-400 Time Period Far Term

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