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Spider Bones (Temperance Brennan 13)

Title: Spider Bones (Temperance Brennan 13)
Author: Kathy Reichs
Year First Published: 2011
Page Count: 384
Synopsis: Dr Temperance Brennan spends her life working amongst the decomposed, the mutilated and the skeletal. So the two-days-dead body she is called to examine holds little to surprise her. Until she discovers that the man is John Lowery, an ex-soldier who was apparently killed in Vietnam in 1968. So who is buried in Lowery's grave? The case takes Tempe to the heart of the American military, where she must examine the remains of anyone who may have had a connection to the drowned man. It's a harrowing task, but it pays off when she finds Lowery's dog tags amongst the bones of a long-dead soldier. As Tempe unravels the tangled threads of the soldiers' lives and deaths, she realises there are some who would rather the past stayed dead and buried. And when she proves difficult to frighten, they turn their attention to the one person she would give her life to protect...

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
Characters find themselves in Great Peril several times. Shots are fired, people drive off cliffs, etc. A murder victim was engaged in aberrant sexual behavior when he died, which is described somewhat. No scenes where characters have sex, though.
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
Better than the first few Temperance Brennan mysteries.
A fast read, if not a brilliant one.


Focus Murder Readability Moderate
Focus Medical Setting North America
Main Character Female Setting Earth Based
Main Character Academic/Professional Time Period Contemporary
Main Character Adult

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