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Where the Golden Apples Grow

Title: Where the Golden Apples Grow
Author: Kage Baker
Year First Published: 2013
Page Count: 73
Synopsis: Growing up anywhere is hard, but it may be hardest of all on Mars. Bill is twelve Earth years old. He was the third boy born on the red planet. Ford is six Mars years old. He was the second.

Alternate ways of tracking time are just one of the differences between their family lives. Bill lives with his dad in the cab of a Hauler, making endless runs between the colonies at Olympus Mons and the polar ice caps, bringing back desperately needed water. Ford spends his days mucking out stalls on his family’s farm allotment beneath the tented red sky. Though they’ve never met, the boys envy each other’s lives. Bill longs for stability. Ford wants adventure.

Neither gets exactly what they’re looking for when an unexpected turn of events finds Ford taking refuge with Bill and his dad on one of their long-distance trips. When tragedy strikes, the boys must find a way to work together, thousands of miles from help and challenged by faulty equipment, savage storms, and untrustworthy adults. Even if they survive, they still have the biggest challenge of all ahead of them: the future.

This novella from the pen of the late Nebula-award winning, master storyteller Kage Baker, author of the beloved Company series, offers a rousing and poignant exploration of work and family. Where the Golden Apples Grow creates a futuristic backdrop impossible not to believe in.

Profanity Violence Sexual Content
not that jarring...but there are at least 10 instances of "strong" profanity. Not described in great detail but lots of fighting.
Characterization Plot Overall Rating
I felt like I hardly knew the characters. Too bad. It had a great plot but no characters to match. very nice plot. I feel that a 2 may be generous.


Focus Survival Number of pages 200 or less
Focus Epic Journey Readability Easy
Focus Technothriller Setting Non-Earth Based
Main Character Child Time Period Far Term
Main Character Male Time Period Futuristic

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