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Rating guidelines:

Profanity None Mild, infrequent, casual, slang More frequent profanity; still blends into the storyline and is not meant to stand out or be jarring; some crude language Very frequent profanity; used in a jarring way to get your attention; frequent crude language
Violence None Violence is described briefly, without much detail; the violence happens to minor characters fairly unknown to the reader and therefore there is little emotional impact. Scenes are described in quite a bit of detail; mention of rape or abuse without the actual instance described; violence happens to or around the major characters to whom the reader feels connected, so the emotional impact is greater. Scenes are described in length or in graphic detail; scenes involve violent rape or torture or abundant violence.
Sexual Content None Implied sex or short scenes without much description More descriptive sex scenes; relationship based rather than violence based; crude sexual references Explicit sex scenes; extensive crude sexual references; rape and or abuse scenes

Review guidelines:

Characterization Characters are poorly described, or described in a manner which leaves the reader eventually detached from the book. Fair characterization; some emotional attachment; characters are likeable. Good characterization; characters are believable, you can picture them and relate to them; the reader feels an emotional tie to the characters. Excellent characterization; characters have a strong emotional impact on the reader.
Plot Loose plot with many holes; plot lines are presented but then never followed through; fails to catch reader's interest or attention. Fair plot that holds together well; interesting. Good plot with some surprises; usually more complex. Excellent plot that is clever and unusually complex; tightly written.
Overall Not recommended Has some flaws, but is worth your time Excellent book, well recommended Highly recommended